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Self Storage In Depth

Self Storage StoreProtect Policy

Be Fully Protected
When you are leaving your belongings in a self storage unit for any length of time, they’ll need additional protection. That’s what our specialist storage unit property protection policy is for.

Container Storage Rental Explained

Safe & Secure Storage

Shipping container storage is becoming an ever-popular option in storage space solutions. It's affordable, convenient, flexible, secure and easy to use, whether that is for personal storage or commercial storage

How to Pack Things Safely in Self Storage Units

Racking Really Helps Protect Your Stuff
It may seem easy to cram all your belongings into storage units, locking up and forgetting about it – whether its for small storage units or large storage units, it does make all the difference when you take the time to pack the storage unit correctly to ensure you’re making the most of the storage space and getting your money’s worth too.

How to Clean Your Self Storage Unit

Clean and Hassle-free

At Corby Self Storage we take time to ensure a clean , safe and secure self storage facility throughout the entrance, parking and unloading area to reduce the rate of bugs, vermin, and other pests from getting into belongings, but what can you do to keep the inside of your storage unit clean? 

How to Prevent Condensation Build-up in Self Storage Units

ISO Rated XL Vented
Whether its large storage units or small storage units, condensation can only come from what is put into a storage unit. If you put only dry things in your container, everything will stay perfectly dry. If you put wet clothes, garden furniture or a washing machine full of water in, you may experience condensation

What Does Self Storage Cost

Consider What You Really Need

There are a number to take into consideration when looking for a self storage price in the UK; the location of the storage facility, standard of the facilities, level of security offered and ease of access to name a few.

Alternative Options To Self Storage Facilities

Tight for space
Self storage has become a popular solution for people who need extra space to store their belongings, but it is not the only option available.

What You Cannot Put in a Self Storage Unit

Explosives Are Prohibited

In this blog, we'll explore the various items that can be stored in a self storage facility and some items that are typically restricted or prohibited.

Long Term Storage Explained

Long Term Storage
Long term storage is different from short term storage, which usually involves storing items for a few weeks or months, read on for more helpful information and tips

Indoor Self Storage vs Container Storage

Lots To Consider

In this article, we will compare the pros and cons of indoor self storage and outdoor container storage to help you choose the right option for your storage needs, understanding the difference between self storage options

A Detailed Guide to Self Storage Unit Sizes

Sizes for Every Situation

Do you have quite a bit of your belongings after moving house that need to go into storage, but you have no idea which size storage unit you should get? In this article, you’ll find out what fits in your storage unit here at Corby Self Storage – and you can also check out our space calculator for a comprehensive interactive guide of what you can store in our units.

Find Cardboard Boxes for Moving Free and Self Storage - Here's How!

Search Online Platforms

That’s right, cardboard boxes for moving and free packing boxes are out there, waiting for you to find them! In this blog post, we’ll explore various sources where you can score these free treasures and provide tips on reusing and strengthening them for a safe and efficient move.

Unlocking Peace of Mind: Secure Self Storage Units in Stamford

Dry, Clean, Safe and Secure

Discover unparalleled peace of mind at our Smartbox Stamford self storage facility. We prioritise your convenience and the preservation of your valuables with convenient 24/7 access, robust security measures and affordable self storage prices.

Maximise Your Space: Choosing the Smallest Storage Unit for Your Needs

Great Range of Unit Sizes
Making sure you select the ideal self storage unit requires looking at your own special requirements. This guide offered detailed information to allow you to make a well-thought out choice – from recognising various unit sizes, organising what needs storing, considering rental costs and insurance coverage as well as how long it’s required. Overall though, even if it is one of the smaller units, storage can still provide substantial solutions!