Self Storage Facilities, Brexit and Covid Disruption

In the absence of a reliable crystal ball, businesses all over the UK are facing a great deal of uncertainty because of Brexit. Businesses are understandably nervous about the impact of this on the cost of imports and exports (already worsened by the weakened pound), and the future availability of stock.

While the country, the continent and, it seems, much of world at large is speculating over the finer details of the impact of the Brexit Agreement, the wheels of commerce, both within and beyond Britain are still turning. It’s perhaps unsurprising that many UK businesses have been stockpiling in anticipation that the parts, equipment, and ingredients that they need to make their business work may become more expensive or scarce with the current disruption to supply chains, exacerbated by the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Two-thirds of the UK’s business self storage units are full and looking to stay that way for much of the coming year. Storage companies are struggling to match demand. Whether you’re a supermarket giant relying on a free flow of goods from European and wider world markets, or a manufacturer dependent on components sourced abroad to continue production, any sudden unavailability or border delays could prove catastrophic and irreversible, even if nothing were to change in the long-term.

Self Storage facilities around the country are seeing a spike in the number of customers choosing to stockpile their wares, their parts, raw materials, finished consumer goods… In fact, whatever they need to ensure they’re equipped to weather this unsettled political and economic climate.
If you have a reliable source of stock, bought at a set (not fluctuating) price, you can price your goods accordingly without having to worry that your bottom line will be affected by any unexpected hikes in the price of your supplies. To decide whether your business should buy extra supplies now to create a buffer against later disruption, try comparing the cost of storing your supplies and products against the cost to your business if supplies were interrupted for a week, a month, a year or more. A self storage unit at our Corby Self Storage facility may be the answer.

Britain’s builders for example, are struggling to keep pace with the demand for new homes and maintenance work as  materials shortages and skilled staff slowed growth, according to a closely watched industry survey. Many are now forward ordering key materials and storing them until they are required to avoid any delays in the construction programme.

Our traditional self storage facility at Corby Business Centre is finding demand quickly outstripping availability and therefore our new storage facility, also on Eismann Way, is well placed to offer extra storage capacity for not only the construction sector but many others as well.

Corby Self Storage is conveniently situated for personal storage and commercial enterprises, archive, and self storage giving a whole host of options for people to stockpile or to pack up their business, wherever our customers envisage Brexit taking them. The facility offers complete flexibility so
you can increase or decrease the number of storage units you need as you find you need to stockpile more over time, or if your stock depletes and you no longer need as much space. You’ll never need to pay for more space than you need. 

No deposit, no reservation fee, no notice period, no hassle, just pay for what you need. Ultimate convenience for safe and secure easy access self storage, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are looking for self storage in corby then contact our friendly team to discuss what we can do to help.